Khieem Jackson

Khieem is an All-Team player, remaining ready to serve clients and schools in fast-paced and trial by fire situations

Senior Director of Government Affairs, Ball/Frost Group


Khieem Jackson has committed his life to serving others and supporting future generations — he dedicates his vast experience and skills to increasing investments in education and improving educational programs in California through state policy.

More cropped view of Khieem Jackson sitting at a table with a group of people and talking to them.

Khieem Jackson is an equity-focused, action-oriented leader who works well with everyone who wants to improve services to children. He is always willing to do whatever it takes to make a positive difference for children.

– Dr. Joseph Johnson

Founding executive director of the National Center for Urban School Transformation at San Diego State University Research Foundation


Khieem’s understanding of and commitment to children, coupled with his sense of duty, have allowed him to impact more than a child’s education; he strives to improve the experience of their education. For example, as the appointed Commissioner for the United States Military Interstate Children’s Compact Commission (MIC3), Khieem addresses key educational transition issues encountered by children of military families.


For decades Khieem has excelled in “trial by fire” situations and ignited a trail of strategic yet common-sense solutions. The depth and breadth of Khieem’s experience demonstrates his tireless passion for safeguarding and improving the lives of others — from the Marine Corps and Department of Defense to San Diego Unified School District, California Department of Education (CDE), and Military Interstate Children’s Compact Commission (MIC3), and most recently as CEO of a government affairs and community relations consulting firm.

What Clients Love

Building strong rapport with key influencers and maintaining transparency while supporting the priorities and mission of those he represents, Khieem embodies honor and integrity in his every action.

Our team is on the cutting-edge, and we benefit from the rich knowledge of two of the most respected leaders in California education today.

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