Laura Wasco

A special education pro who makes complicated legislative issues easier to understand

Senior Director of Legislative Affairs, Ball/Frost Group


Not long after Laura Wasco graduated with her BA in Community Services, she was fortunate to work on a successful statewide campaign on a key education funding issue. The experience fueled her desire to concentrate on education policy issues and personally contribute to the positive changes those efforts could make to the system.

Close-up of Laura Wasco standing and talking or presenting.

Working with Laura is a really good fit as she has experience with, and understands the needs of, children with learning difficulties. She understands fully the need for more presence at the Capitol and at other regulatory agency meetings, and she knows how to make things happen.

When the Department of Education got a new special education director, we asked Laura if she could facilitate a meeting where we might discuss our working relationship going forward. Laura made the meeting happen and guided the conversation to build mutual respect between the parties involved.

– Heidi Holmblad

Executive Director, California Association of School Psychologists


Laura has three children in public education, one with special needs. Motherhood inspired her to take an active role in their education. She works closely with her local school district to participate in program development at the local level to improve services for all children, particularly those with special needs.


Throughout her career, Laura has always been involved in education. She was part of the grassroots campaign to pass Propositions 71 and 98. She was a partner in a consultancy firm where she specialized in K-12 policy issues and through the years has gained expertise in the budget process, teacher credentialing, school facilities, career technical education, mental health services and special education. She is also skilled at looking at a legislative issue from both the public and policy standpoints and then foreseeing how it will be implemented at the local level. A valuable talent when she works closely with the California Department of Education, the State Board of Education, the Department of Health Care Services, and the Department of Finance. She’s also expert at monitoring and lobbying the legislature, including testifying on bills, negotiating amendments on bills and working with other organizations on issues of common interest.

What Clients Love

She can take a complicated legislative issue and break it down, so it is understood at the local/grass roots level.

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