Experts in California’s legislative process creating positive change for clients.

When you’re seeking to change law or gain resources to improve education in any fashion, you need an expert who can help you navigate California’s legislative process. With more than twenty years of experience in education advocacy, the Ball/Frost Group can do precisely that. We know the players, the territory and have the skill to guide you down the best path so that you can reach your goal successfully. To understand our approach and our work, we invite you to explore our case studies.

Clients often ask for resources to better understand the legislative arena. We’ve assembled a collection to provide helpful insight. Take a look.

My day never turns out as planned! My position has me dealing with an ‘on–location’ crisis, to focusing on budgeting and jumping from one organic issue to the next. It’s hectic and unpredictable. And Ball/Frost Group gets that.

This team won’t compromise their own integrity to keep a smile on my face — they care that what they do has an effect at the grass–roots level, and that real progress can only happen through spoken truths and mutual respect.

– Al Mijares

Orange County Superintendent of Schools